Hardware connections

CAN-H of both sides should be connected together and CAN-L of both sides should be connected together as well. A 120 Ohm resistor must be connected on the CAN bus, between CAN-H and CAN-L

CAN Open configuration

CAN Open should be configured at the same Bit rate and enabled on the controller and on the magnetic sensor. Configure the TPDO 1 of the MGS with the desired tape position sent rate. 10 ms in an aqequate sent rate.


The MGS will automatically transmit the following parameters through TPDO 1:

On the controller side, the TPDO 1 will be automtically mapped in tyhe RPDO 1 parameter:

That means that left Track and right track will be mapped at User Var 9 and MGS flags will be mapped at user Var 10

What's left is to create a script that will run on the controller and extract the Left and Right track information from the user Var 9. A sample script follows: 


option explicit


dim leftTrack as integer

dim rightTrack as integer




leftTrack getvalue(_VAR,9and 0xFFFF

rightTrack = (getvalue(_VAR,9) >> 16and 0xFFFF





wait(10'loop period is 10 ms


goto start