Some of our older controllers operating with firmware versions earlier than our 1.8d, will not be shown in the latest Roborun+ utilities. This is due to the incompatibility of these models and the end of support for these old firmware versions.

To upgrade the controller's firmware when it is not recognized, follow the instructions below:


This is a method to bypass the safety check of the Roborun+ Utility against the controller's firmware version. Essentially, you trick the utility into recognizing the v1.x Firmware Configuration Settings but these are incorrect since the file was designed for the newer firmware, the v1.8d. If you operate the controller in that way, you can seriously cause permanent damage to both controller and the other system components. THIS IS ONLY A WORKAROUND to upgrade the firmware to v1.8d or later. RoboteQ Inc. should not be considered liable for any issues, damages or injuries that could be caused due to improper use of this tip.

1) Go to the Roborun+ Program Files Folder, typically located in the directory below and open the folder "Trees".

C:\Program Files (x86)\Roboteq\Roborun Plus\Trees\

2) Inside there, create a new folder called "v1.x" where x is the exact firmware the controller currently has. (i.e. If the controller has the v1.6 MBL1xxx firmware the folder should be named "v1.6" like the picture below)

3) Open the folder "v1.8", locate the tree file with your controller's name on it (i.e. if you have the MB1330 controller, you need the MBL1330.ctree file), copy it and then go back and paste it inside the folder "v1.x".

4) Open the Roborun+ Utility as normal now and the controller should be recognized. You should proceed now to the firmware upgrade process through the Console tab. **DO NOT OPERATE THE CONTROLLER with that workaround.**