One common issue you could face with the RIOX Configuration utility is the Control and Power unit trees missing. The trees are files used for interfacing the RIOX parameters with the utility, a way essentially for the Configuration Utility to understand the structure, layout and the parameters available for configuration. This fault usually appears after a corrupted installation of the utility or if a system file is changed.

Fixing the Utility

    There is an easy solution to fix that:

1) Download the zip file included in this article called "RIOX Config Util" (approx. size of 204 KB).

2) Navigate to the Program files(x86) folder in your Local Disk and open the folder Roboteq.

    [ Typical directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roboteq\ ]

3) Open the folder RIOX Configuration Utility and then locate the folder Trees.

    [Typical directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roboteq\RIOX Configuration Utility\Trees\ ]

4) Extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded previously to the folder Trees, replacing any existing files.


5) Close all windows and open again the RIOX Configuration utility, the RIOX should be loaded correctly now.

If that doesn't work please contact the RoboteQ Support by opening a ticket through our website.