In most cases, Windows will generally automatically install the necessary DFU Drivers with the install of Roborun+.  However, in some cases the drivers are not installed automatically and must be installed manually in order to be able to update RoboteQ Firmware via USB.  Please perform the following steps to do this: 

1) Navigate to the Console tab of Roborun+ and choose the option Update Driver Via USB.  The device will enter DFU Mode and lose connection with the Roborun+ Utility and the DFU Loader will open.  In the DFU Loader window you will notice that no DFU Devices will be detected:

Screenshot 1

2)  Leave the DFU Loader open while navigating to your computers Device Manager.  On one of the ports you will see "STM Device in DFU Mode" with an exclamation point over the icon.  This is indicative of a missing driver:

dfu mode


3) Right click on this line and select Update Driver Software.  You will then select the option to Browse my computer for driver software:

Screenshot 2

4)  We have included the driver files in the Roborun+ program files.  Simply shoose Browse and navigate to the Roborun Plus program files folder (C:\ > Program Files (x86) > Roboteq > Roborun Plus):

Screenshot 3


After following these steps STM Device in DFU Mode should show in the DFU Loader and you will be able to complete the firmware update.