Firmware Flashing Guide for the Shunt Regulator SR5K100V25R Memory



This guide has been written so that the user to flash the memory of the shunt regulator in case the user wants to use the 55V version of the shunt regulator.



1) A circuit debugger/programmer device is necessary to be used so that to flash the memory with the appropriate hex file.     In this guide, we use the  Microchip PICKIT 3 programmer device.        tool/pg164130

2) Download the appropriate software for communication with the PICKIT 3 programmer device. From the link , download the PICit software.

3) Find the folder where the setup file of the PICit software has been downloaded. Unzip the PICkit3   

   pickit3_programmer_application_v3.10 folder. Unzip the PICkit3 Programmer Application Setup v3.10 folder. Open the     

    Programmer Application Setup v3.10 folder and execute the setup file. 


A screenshot of a computer program

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4) Connect the PICkit3 programmer device to the PC, using the USB port. 

5) Connect the Microchip PICKIT 3 programmer device with the shunt regulator. Please do the following connections as               they are shown below. 

    6) Open PICkit 3 Programmer. You have to see that you have a connection between the PC and the PICkit 3 programmer            device, having a similar message as below :

  7) Select the Read button so that the programmer to read the memory.

    8) Go to File à Import Hex and open the appropriate hex file that has been provided by Roboteq,  16F886_V20_i2tFUSE-            PRODUCTION_080223_55V.hex .

9) Select the Write button, and wait until the process will be completed. Please be sure that the programming of the flash memory was completed successfully showing the below message.

10) Close the Pickit 3 programmer and disconnect all the connection cables.